Dental Veneers vs Crowns

Veneers vs. Crown: What Should You Choose?

If you want  a beautiful smile, then you have two amazing options to choose from – veneers or crowns. Whatever you choose will have awesome results. Both of these options are equally popular.

Even though both of them can help you get a gorgeous smile, these treatments use different methods to achieve that look. In other words, they are completely different methods. Doctor would need to make the right decision depending on your situation. This guide will help you to understand the decision. Here is everything you need to know about veneers and crowns before you discuss with your dentist.

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What Are veneers and crowns?

Both veneers and crowns are used to restore your teeth. The way this treatment works is by boosting the function and appearance of the tooth by applying a covering on the tooth. What makes these treatments different is the amount of tooth that is recountured. In other words, for one of the treatments, Dr. Ilya Sapozhnik will have to reduce more of your original tooth, while for the other, he will have to remove less.

A crown covers the tooth. It is made of porcelain, metal, or a mix of both materials. It is usually thicker than a veneer, it lasts longer, and it fractures less.

A veneer is a custom-made wafer-thin porcelain that covers the front of the tooth to make it look prettier. It is the same color as your tooth. It is powerful but more gentle.

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How is the Tooth Prepared?

Crowns are less conservative treatment than veneers. To place the veneer, only a small part of the tooth is removed. Dr. Ilya Sapozhnik will remove just a thin layer of the tooth, enough so that it won’t touch the core.

However, to place a crown, 30% of the visible part of the tooth needs to be removed before Dr. Ilya Sapozhnik can place the crown. In other words, more tooth needs to be removed before the crown can be placed.

If the teeth have an improper alignment, and these teeth have to be prepared for the veneer treatment, more of the teeth may need to be removed. In addition, Dr. Ilya Sapozhnik can use a more aggressive treatment such as preparation of teeth for crowns.  Many people often confuse the difference between these two treatments.

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When Should You Pick Veneers?

If you want to address a minor imperfection or to  make your smile prettier, veneers are the best choice. They are the perfect treatment for small cracks, stained teeth, or chipped teeth. If you have  gaps between some of your teeth, you can use this treatment. With the help of Dr. Ilya Sapozhnik’s treatment, the color of your teeth will drastically improve, and they will look much prettier.

When Should You Pick Crowns?

When there are more serious issues with your teeth, you should choose crowns. In other words, if the teeth are cracked, badly broken, or the root requires treatment pick crowns. The crown will protect the teeth once Dr. Ilya Sapozhnik has applied them. It will become the surface for your teeth. Your teeth will be kept safe inside.

If the edge of your teeth was damaged by grinding, you should definitely pick crowns. Since Dr. Ilya Sapozhnik will use the veneer only to cover the front part of your teeth, you need something that will cover the edges. That is why a crown is the best choice. Crowns are ideal for extensively damaged teeth. They can completely alter the shape and color of your teeth.

What About the Insurance?

Both veneers and crowns have similar costs. But, people use veneers mostly for aesthetics. That is why dental insurance rarely covers such procedures. Since crowns are used for treating more serious dental issues to improve teeth functionality, dental insurance will most likely cover them. For more information, you can visit Dr. Ilya Sapozhnik’s dental office located on Croton-on Hudson, NY.

How to Maintain Your Ideal Smile?

If you take good care of your crowns or veneers, they will last for about  fifteen years. The material used to make them is mostly resistant to stains. However, if you don’t floss and brush, they will get discolored. So, it is crucial to take good care of them. Bleaching and whitening will not work to restore your veneers or crowns. To keep them clean and shiny, you have to eat healthy and regularly see your dentist for a re-care visits. If you bite hard food, porcelain can  get damaged. This will decrease their lifespan and affect the color of your smile.

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