Your dental treatment may require bone grafting, a procedure for which the Smile Design Center of Westchester is well-known for. Bone remodels itself all the time to adapt to circumstances. That is why bone that used to surround a lost tooth melts away when it is no longer required. If you lose too many teeth, more bone is reabsorbed and your facial features sag, giving you a more aged appearance. When you finally come in to replace lost teeth, there is no supporting bone to hold implants.

Dr. Sapozhnik performs bone grafting in order to rebuild lost bone. That immediately improves your facial appearance by strengthening your jaw bone and giving your facial features more support.

Bone Grafting Procedure

The bone used in the graft can come from your own body or from a cadaver or an animal (cleaned and sterilized in the laboratory of course). The graft can also be a synthetic substance. Dr. Sapozhnik makes an incision in your gum (under local anesthetics) to access the bone below it and then he adds the grafting material through a syringe. The graft not only replaces missing bone, but also helps your body to regenerate its own bone. This new bone growth strengthens the grafted area by forming a bridge between your existing bone and the graft material.

Over time your own newly formed bone will replace much of the grafted material. This gives us the opportunity to place implants of proper length and width, and it also gives us a chance to more effectively restore esthetic appearance and functionality. Eventually you can have that much desired smile again and your original dental functionality.

Dr. Sapozhnik can also perform bone grafting to save your loose teeth. He helps the bone around the loose teeth to regenerate through grafting, increasing bone support and keeping teeth in place. He can also do a bone graft soon after a tooth extraction to prepare for a later implant.

The Smile Design Center of Westchester County is the best dental office to provide bone grafts.
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