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At the Smile Design Center, we provide primary and specialty oral care for infants, children, adolescents and patients with special needs. Our focus is prevention of dental problems and education of our patients.

Why You Should Take Your Children to the Dentist

Regular visits to our offices give young people an opportunity to learn good oral hygiene practices early in life and they can develop good oral hygiene habits. Also, the development of their teeth is monitored and corrected at the right time.

Some parents believe that milk teeth are not important because they are temporary. Actually, milk teeth lay the foundation for permanent teeth. A decayed milk tooth can, in fact, damage the up-coming permanent tooth. Also, if the baby teeth are crooked, they can affect the alignment of the permanent teeth. That is why children’s oral health needs to be monitored throughout the growing up years. As the children develop and their permanent teeth come out, it is important that any problems are halted early and any correction of crooked teeth, over-bite, under-bite and cross-bite are corrected at the right time.

Smile Design Center provides a positive experience through comprehensive care for young patients in a safe and friendly environment. We make sure that young people look forward to the visit to the dentist and that there is no fear of the dentist. In fact, we make every visit “fun.”

With our help the young people enter adulthood with beautiful smiles that boost their self-esteem. If you care about your children’s oral health and developing self-esteem, bring them to the Smile Design Center of Westchester where they can have a positive dental experience. Call Dr. Sapozhnik today on +1 (914) 734-9557.

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