Oral Malodor, also known as Halitosis

There are a variety of causes for halitosis which are characterized by the release of different odor intensive gases. Apart from intraoral causes, a number of systemic diseases can also cause halitosis.

Intraoral halitosis can be caused by gingivitis and or periodontitis, bacterial tongue-coating or a combination of the afore-mentioned conditions.

Extraoral halitosis is caused by pharyngeal infections such as tonsillitis; nasal infections such as sinusitis and postnasal drip; respiratory infections such as pneumonia; pulmonary diseases and gastric symptoms.
Systemic diseases such as Liver failure, Kidney failure, Diabetes Mellitus, Metabolic Syndrome, certain foods and medications contribute to oral malodor.

Although tongue brushing and appropriate mouthrinses are both important and basic treatment measures for halitosis, at Smile Design Center of Wetchester, Dr. Ilya Sapozhnik offers other dental treatments that are sometimes required.
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