If you have missing teeth, and you want to improve the quality of your smile, visit the Smile Design Center of Westchester County for dentures. Replacing missing teeth improves your smile, restores your dental health, improves speech, and enables you to enjoy a varied diet. All in all, replacing missing teeth boosts your self-confidence and improves the way people perceives you.

Full dentures and partial dentures have been, for a long time, the only available option to replace upper teeth, lower teeth or both. Dentures have now evolved with new techniques and materials available to make natural looking dentures that are comfortable and secure.

Dr. Sapozhnik will work closely with you to determine the most suitable solution for your missing teeth. When he examines your mouth, he will determine if any teeth need to come out and which teeth can be restored to health. Then, using the latest technology, he accurately designs a new set of dentures to close any gaps in your teeth.

Old tooth loss: If tooth loss happened a long time ago, Dr. Sapozhnik will use technology to accurately design a new set of dentures during one visit. He will take digital impressions of your jaws which will then be used by the laboratory to create your dentures. After 2 weeks your new dentures will be placed in your mouth and the doctor will ensure a comfortable fit.

New extractions: If your teeth have just been extracted, your jaws will require time to heal and shrink, so you may need immediate dentures for temporary use. As your jaws heal and shrink, you may need adjustments to your temporary dentures. After healing, which takes 6-8 weeks, you can be measured for your permanent dentures.

There are two types of dentures which Dr. Sapozhnik will discuss with you:

  • Full dentures: These are the type that you will need to replace all of the upper or lower arch of teeth.
  • Partial dentures: This is the solution that you will need to replace a number of lost teeth.

Your dentures can be removable or permanently secured using cleverly placed dental implants that will give you a natural look and functionality.

Advantages of Digital Dentures

Thanks to technology, your digital dentures will:

  • Be a better fit.
  • Have an accurate spare denture in case you lose your removable dentures.
  • Have a 12-year warranty to cover breakage and chipping.

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