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For affordable and high quality periodontal treatment in Westchester County, visit the Smile Design Center. You need periodontal treatment when you lose gum and bone around the teeth in what is known as periodontal disease. You also need periodontal treatment when strains of bacteria that cause inflammation in the body are found present in your body. For these reasons, you need to visit The Smile Design Center regularly so that Dr. Sapozhnik can identify and address early stages of disease or bacterial infection.

When you come in for your routine visit and Dr. Sapozhnik finds evidence of periodontal disease, he performs a thorough and comprehensive screening. He will quickly determine if you have early stages of periodontic disease or if you are at risk of developing systemic inflammation. Diagnosis involves reviewing your history and personal habits, examining your mouth for plaque and tartar build-up, measuring the pocket depth of the groove between your gums and teeth, and dental X-rays.


Depending on your situation, Dr. Sapozhnik will prescribe a periodontic treatment plan.

  • Thorough cleaning of the pockets around teeth to prevent damage to surrounding tissure.
  • Education on daily oral care and advice to stop tobacco use.
  • Scaling to remove tartar and bacteria from tooth surfaces and beneath gums.
  • Root planing to discourage further buildup of tartar and bacteria.
  • Antibiotics (topical or oral) to control infection.
  • Flap surgery to access the roots for better scaling and planing.
  • Soft tissue grafting.
  • Bone grafting.
  • Guided tissue regeneration.
  • Tissue-stimulating proteins in the form of gels.
  • Tooth extraction and insertion of implant (in the case of massive bone loss).

We use Laser Picasso for our periodontic treatments and surgeries to reduce trauma, bleeding and necrosis, and to promote fast and painless healing.

Call Dr. Sapozhnik on +1 (914) 734-9557 for an appointment. The Smile Design Center will make your periodontitis a thing of the past.

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