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The night guard is one of the treatment options available at the Smile Design Center. When you come to the Smile Design Center of Westchester, Dr. Sapozhnik will look for signs of teeth grinding or jaw clenching. Signs include worn and damaged teeth or irritation of the soft tissue of the mouth. Why are grinding and clenching a problem? They can eventually lead to cracking, chipping or loosening of teeth and eventually tooth loss.

Teeth grinding and jaw clenching are common dental problems that manifest as symptoms of a complex problems such as temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorders or other problems. Some people are aware of the grinding or clenching but are not aware that these are potential problems. Others are not even aware that they grind their teeth during the night or clench their jaws all the time.

When Dr. Sapozhnik discovers signs of teeth grinding or jaw clenching, he can help you to stop. He analyses your dental health and digitally analyses the biting force of each tooth to determine possible imbalances that need to be addressed. Then he designs a treatment plan that is customized to the problem.

Treatment for Teeth Grinding

Treatment options can include mouthguard or night guard. The night guard can prevent teeth grinding during the night by positioning the jaw correctly. The night guard can also be worn when you feel stressed and you tend to clench your jaw. It is quite conservative and will not be noticed by too many people. Other treatment options for clenching and grinding are restorative dentistry or orthodontics.

If you are aware that you clench your jaw all the time or that you grind your teeth during the night,
call Dr. Sapozhnik on +1 (914) 734-9557. The Smile Design Center is the leading supplier of customized night guards.

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