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We perform the safest surgical extractions in Westchester County, when necessary. Our motto at the Smile Design Center is to save your natural teeth as much as possible through fillings, crowns and root canal therapy. However, sometimes the teeth are too damaged to be repaired with a filling or a crown due to extensive decay or trauma and extraction is the only option. Also, when teeth are no longer supported by enough bone because of periodontal disease, they are extracted.

Extraction can be simple when the tooth is visible above the gum line and forceps can be used to pull it out. In complicated situations, Dr. Sapozhnik will perform surgical extractions. This is when he has to cut into gum tissue and bone in order to properly access the tooth for extraction. The site is then stitched to allow it to heal.

When You Need Surgical Extractions

Before an extraction, the dental expert will take an X-ray image of the area to determine whether it’s going to be a simple or a surgical extraction. Cases that normally require surgical extraction include:

  • A decayed or damaged tooth broke off at the gum line.
  • A tooth that failed to erupt above the gum line.
  • Situations where a tooth breaks off during a simple extraction and surgery becomes necessary.
  • Impacted wisdom teeth.
  • A tooth that is visible above the gum line but needs to be split in order to effectively extract it.
  • Severely broken-down teeth.
  • Teeth with long curved roots.
  • Cases in which the bone around a tooth has become dense, making simple extraction difficult.

Surgical extractions are expertly done at the Smile Design Center of Westchester in order to solve various dental health problems. Call Dr. Sapozhnik for an appointment on +1 (914) 734-9557.

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